Movie Review: Baahubali-2

Okay, so readers of this blog might think I actually like to torture myself by watching despicable movies. It is not the case, trust me.

I don’t even know why I went to see this movie, apart from the fact that I just wanted to catch up with some friends. In fact, I haven’t even seen the first movie completely. I walked in 40 minutes because I got appalled of the sexual harassment portrayed on screen (and also maybe I was with the least interested person-admit it, the shittiest movies are those you see with fun people).

Baahubali-2 is mostly South Indian stereotypes:

  1. Engineering dreams of South Indians, because this movie was probably the outcome of an engineering intern’s work. He will probably put it on his MS application to Stanford.
  2. South Indian women pray for good husbands because we all want to marry NRI men (with the Standford MS) and settle down in California.
  3. Gult men just work out all day
  4. In the end, the bad (but better looking) guy dies

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