New Year, New Territories

I just realised that I haven’t written in the last six months. At all. What disappoints me more is that it’s not as if I had completely no time to write, but the fact that I didn’t make any effort to.

2017 has been, undoubtedly, a year of growing up for me. More than professionally, my personal life went through a roller-coaster of an emotional ride. But the most important thing is that I have understood that I need to figure out what I want in life. It’s not something that is going to hit me like a wrecking ball one fine morning; it is something that is going to take time, lots of epiphanies and honest talk with the people I love the most-my family and my closest friends.

So I want to dedicate this year to understanding what I want, what makes me happy. And apart from understanding what I want, to ask myself if I can live with the trade-offs and the little sacrifices.

To 2018, the year of discovery.


  1. To exercise thrice a week
  2. To paint once a week
  3. To write a post once a week
  4. To cook once a week
  5. To read two books a month
  6. To travel as much as possible

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