Movie Review: Humble Politician Nograj

I’m visiting Bangalore this weekend, and somewhere in-between the paperwork and drafts that I had to send out, took my mum out to see the Kannada language satire Humble Politician Nograj. It’s been ages since I last saw a Kannada movie, and Humble Politician Nograj is a refreshing take on our local political system, if not national political system. Danish Sait of YouTube and Fever FM fame stars as Nograj, the so called “humble” politician who has a great career at creating scams and making money. The film depicts a very real damaged political system with brilliant satire, and the cast is effortless in each of their roles. Apart from well-known faces of the Indian stand-up comedy scene, we also see some great actors from the Kannada film and theatre circles.

Nograj is pitted against honest businessman turned politician, Arun Patil (whose character I strongly suspect is based on the real life of Krishna Byre Gowda) who depicts the struggle that educated youth face-a helplessness with the system with the drive to do something about it. But the struggle has more odds against it-and probably explains why less youth in the country want to have anything to do with politics-a cause for concern- where is the next generation of our leadership?

Despite all the lies that Nograj churns, Humble Politician Nograj is so honest in its depiction, even the subtle “Samosa culture” that plagues the Bangalore political scene. A must watch, I’d say.

The trailer is here.





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