New Year, New Territories

I just realised that I haven’t written in the last six months. At all. What disappoints me more is that it’s not as if I had completely no time to write, but the fact that I didn’t make any effort to.

2017 has been, undoubtedly, a year of growing up for me. More than professionally, my personal life went through a roller-coaster of an emotional ride. But the most important thing is that I have understood that I need to figure out what I want in life. It’s not something that is going to hit me like a wrecking ball one fine morning; it is something that is going to take time, lots of epiphanies and honest talk with the people I love the most-my family and my closest friends.

So I want to dedicate this year to understanding what I want, what makes me happy. And apart from understanding what I want, to ask myself if I can live with the trade-offs and the little sacrifices.

To 2018, the year of discovery.


  1. To exercise thrice a week
  2. To paint once a week
  3. To write a post once a week
  4. To cook once a week
  5. To read two books a month
  6. To travel as much as possible

The Coming of Age

I’ve been living and working in Bombay (I can’t get around to saying Mumbai, so sue me) for about 7 months now. Life has been, to say the least, tough personally and professionally. Yet, with hard lessons comes immense learning, and with deep pain comes the greatest strength.

During long, fourteen to sixteen hour workdays, it’s important to love yourself, surround yourself with positivity, with hope, and most importantly with endorphins-it’s crucial to laugh.

I read somewhere that it’s important to read as much as it is to write.

That, and a glass of wine on bad workdays.